Pierce Control Automation has incorporated the latest process control technology, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) for improving precision in pipe profile cutting machines. These machines are useful for producing parts for manufacturing processes, smaller enterprises and institutions like educational establishments. They can be configured to be used on any material. For example – making teaching aids for schools & pipe connectors for construction.

The efficiency of the profile pipe cutting machines by Pierce Control Automation lies in its user friendliness. Process designed using CAD/CAM, it is suitable for usage by a wide range of industrial applications. With its outstanding design and quality components, the machines are able to achieve high precision. From accommodating multiple axes to cutting for any diameter size, our design team caters to all requirements. The other factors considered for design purposes are type of the material, thickness of the material, desired shape, direction of cutting and 3D modeling. The software can be designed to store repetitive motions & a set number of shapes in its memory.

Watch a pipe profile cutting machine in full operation anywhere near your location. Our machines are in operations across five continents & almost everywhere in Australia.