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Characteristics Oxy-fuel motorized cutting headOxy_head

  • highly technically equipped carrier of the torch and additional equipment for autogenic cutting
  • the construction prevents damage of individual parts of the cutting head caused by impact and enables their re-set and further running of the cutting machine
  • ‘floating’ construction of the head enables protection of the torch against collision maintaining constant distance above the surface of the cut material
  • backflash-free attachment of guiding elements
  • can be used for all types of manufactured autogenous cutting machines
  • maintainance-free construction
  • the machine torch is a part of the cutting heads

Technical data

  • dimensions: 100mm x 95mm x 470mm,
  • 120mm x 95mm x 470mm
  • (width x depth x height)
  • torch diameter: 32mm (resp. 30mm)
  • travelling speed: 2100mm/min
  • range of vertical movement: 150mm
  • incoming supply: 24V DC
  • axis setting: sagittal angle 45°, right-left angle 45°


Carrier of the oxygen torch and equipment
  • dimensions: 100mm x 95mm x 470mm, 120mm x 95mm x 470mm

    (width x depth x height)

  • travelling speed: 2100mm/min
  • range of vertical movement: 130mm


The torch holder for torch dimension 32 mm (resp. 30 mm)
Enables manual setting the angle and position of the torch.



Automatic ignition
The automatic ignition is meant for igniting the torch. It is made of:
  • high-voltage coils ZAG 15F
  • solenoid valve for turning the gas on
  • brass mixing body
  • ignition plug


Capacitive material distance sensor
The capacitive height lookout is meant for contactless height watching of the torch above the material while the cutting process is in progress. It is made of:
  • control card 2001 – 6A (it cooperates with the head card 2001 – 7A)
  • RF cable with connectors
  • holder of the capacitive ring (the teflon part consisting of two elements enables swing of the ring to the side in case of touching the material – sudden tilting of the workpiece)
  • capacitive ring


Solenoid valve (3 pieces)

The solenoid valve is meant for turning on the preheat gas, preheat oxygen and cutting oxygen. Operating voltage is 24 V DC. Diameters of mouthpieces for connecting hoses: preheat gas 8 mm, preheat oxygen 8 mm, cutting oxygen 10 mm, torch ignition 6mm.


The machine torch is a part of the cutting heads HARRIS


Automatic engine control
Electronic head card 2001 – 7A enables controlling DC motor that controls the movement of the torch in vertical axis.