• The Minicut has been designed and manufactured for use as a small compact CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine with basic equipment. It is useful for producing parts for smaller companies or as a dynamic teaching aid for schools and education establishments.
    The MINICUT is easy to operate and maintain.

    Basic equipment

    • NEW PIERCE 15″ control system with touch screen
    • NEW AC servo-drive system (6 000 mm/min.)
    • floating and motorized cutting heads
    • manual material piercing

    Optional equipment

    • automatic torch height control
    • electric ignition of torch
    • automatic initial adjustment of plasma torch height
    • voltage control of plasma torch height
    • plasma system according to customer´s choice
  • Technical specification
    MINICUT 1000
    rail width 1500 mm
    max. number of cutting heads with 1 oxy-fuel torch 1
    max. number of heads with plasma torch 1
    cutting width for 1 head 1000 mm
    cutting length standard 2000 mm (possible to extend)
    track length standard 3000 mm (possible to extend)
    machine length 1000 mm
    machine width 2240 mm
    machine height 1700 mm
    table height 450 – 500 mm
    supply voltage 230V/50Hz
    cutting gas propane, acetylene, natural gas, grieson, apachi
    standard cutting thickness 3 – 200 mm
    plasma system by customer requirements
    cutting speed 50 – 5000 mm/min.
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