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plasma_oxyThis integrated unit includes long-life membrane keyboard for operating torch motion and starting cutting media. Included microprocessor allows automatically to operate rising the cutting oxygen pressure in four steps. It enables as well automatic torch drive away from material in piercing moment in order to extend lifetime of cutting tips. For plasma cutting the unit is equipped function which reduces driving time of torch into ignition height by shortening torch lift up between two cuts. This feature increases cutting efficiency in case of cuttings with great number of piercing. All functions of panel are disposable by manual operating from membrane keyboard as well as by operating from superior control system. Control panel can be connected with even 6 oxy-fuel torches, solenoid valve unit, plasma torch, plasma supply and superior control system. Superior control system is asked for start preheating and cutting signals for oxy-fuel mode. Start cutting and torch height control signals are for plasma mode. Control panel provides back signals on started oxy-fuel cutting and arc ignition of plasma torch. Servosystem with 120W output including respective power supply can be integrated directly into control panel. So full set-up for cutting machine control is made after connecting control system.