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BURNY 10 Plus and BURNY 2.5 Plus have a lot of exciting features, required for precision applications. Read more about the latest Burny CNC plasma technological features in our products.

CNC plasma machines from Burny are used all over the world. With constant innovation, Burny has revolutionized the process of cutting in the manufacturing industry. The PC controlled machines are fast replacing the old cutting machines. However, there are still many customers who are using the non-PC controlled systems. We, as authorized partners of Burny offer excellent standards of servicing & upgrading such systems.

Although Burny 2.5 Plus is a non pc controlled system, it is cost efficient, can handle most interfaces & upgraded easily. For applications needing industrial grade control system, the Burny 10 LCD Plus comes loaded with advanced features. It is very user-friendly, has repeatable motion storage memory and precision like none other.

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BURNY 10 LCD plusB10LCDplus

System parameters

  • able to control following processes: oxy-fuel, plasma arc and water jet cutting and other additional technologies
  • based on WINDOWS XP
  • built-in RCS++® ( Real Time Control System)
  • integrated own diagnostics – monitors position and time when moving
  • operated by hand touch on screen
  • remote system diagnostics is possible to conduct by means of company intranet
  • multitasking function enables preparing data when cutting
Operating function

  • cutting in manually or automatic mode
  • testing modes: continuous, step by step
  • backward running when cut with automatic cutting oxy switch-off lost
  • torch setting-off in requested length (plate cutting)
  • setting right the program against slewed plate
  • go on position function: Start program, End program, Requested piercing, Back to cut
  • software HOME position (Start sheet panel)
  • hardware HOME position (re-entry into cut at outage)
  • Possible stop working and following continuation
Standard shapes

  • 50 standard shapes + 100 other variants
  • automatic nesting in lines, columns or under angle
  • chain cutting for selected shapes
  • common cutting for selected shapes
  • possible creation of own shapes

  • current speed
  • program speed
  • speed percent indication
  • X and Y axis position (absolute, relative )
  • program part name
  • active mode
  • X,Y,I,J – dimensions with 0.001 accuracy
  • error reporting
  • graphic display with ZOOM + – 64x

  • industrial design ( dustproof case )
  • 15′ colour LCD monitor
  • touch screen
  • membrane buttons START, STOP, BACK UP, GOTO
  • 8 – direction joystick
  • USB port, covered Floppy Disc Drive
Working conditions

  • temperature 0-50°C
  • humidity 95% incondensating
Hardware specification

  • Intel processor Intel 2 GHz
  • main memory DIMM – 1 GB
  • hard disk – 80 GB
  • 15′ colour LCD touch screen
  • USB port, Floppy Disc Drive
Program functions

  • metric or inch units
  • various program formats (ESSI, EIA RS)
  • program editing
  • program conversion
  • program scale
  • program rotation
  • program reflection
  • rows and columns definition
  • sheet dimension setting
  • message insertion into program
  • cut compensation
  • cutting speed
  • piercing delay
  • preheat time with memory
  • automatic tool setting-offnástrojů
Additional functions

  • wireless communication
  • optical cable communication
  • machine operation Manager
  • DXF file loading
  • automatic nesting
  • piercing ramp definition
  • initiation of own applications

  • floppy drive
  • RS 232 * serie line
  • connecting with company intranet *
  • internet – TCP/IP protocol*
  • USB port

BURNY 2.5 plusB2.5plus

Basic equipment

  • membrane keyboard
  • keyboard sound indication
  • 16 – point display
  • 2-axis operating (3-axis)
  • 50 standard shapes
  • program transfer from PC into controller via RS 232 and RS 422 serial interface
  • storing controller program into PC
  • creating and editing the programs by keyboard
  • kerf compensation setting
  • manual, automatic or testing mode selection
  • material preheat set-up time
  • pasma and oxy-fuel cutting delay set-up time
  • display speed indication
  • display instantaneous torch position indication
  • automatic acceleration and deceleration in angles
  • return into initial position
  • magnification and reduction in scale from 0,001 up to 65
  • automatic program adaptation against situated plate
  • mirror copy in both axis
  • program rotation with 0,01 degree increase