• APKAutomatic gas console is designed for controlling gas pressures and course of their change for oxy-fuel cutting process. Pressure changes are made automatically according to selected values in program supplied.


    • setting relevant values on controller touch screen, eventually in PC with Win98, WinNT, WinXP operating system

    Connecting with controller

    • via RS232 communication interface, unit input is galvanized apart

    Connecting with control panel

    • by means of Y- contacts

    Standard equipment

    • case, drive card and power supply
    • 3pc proportional valves (fastened on case)
    • installation CD-ROM with software
    • feed cable
    • communication cable for RS 232 interface
    • control cable
  • Technical specification
    control valve number 3 proportional
    power supply 230V/50Hz
    dimensions 465mm x 240mm x 125mm (width-depth-height)
    weight 12.5 kg
    input pressure maximum values 2bar heating gas
    8bar heating oxygen
    12bar cutting oxygen
    output pressure maximum values 1bar heating gas
    3bar heating oxygen
    10bar cutting oxygen
    controlled magnitude low pressure for heating gas
    low pressure for heating oxygen
    high pressure for for heating gas
    high pressure for heating oxygen
    output pressure for cutting oxygen (pressure maximum start time 10s, minimum time 0.1s, course is approximated in 64 points)


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